The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa-Philadelphia

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The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa-Philadelphia
April 22, 2018
February 5, 2018
Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch St, Philadelphia , PA, United States

The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa co-sponsored by Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa and Dermascope magazines, is held four times each year since 1985 in Dallas, Miami Beach, Long Beach and Philadelphia.

Class Schedule:

Topic: Age and Acne

Room 105 B
Time- Sunday, 2:00pm
Educator: Michael Pugliese
Acne is a multifactorial disease – hormonal, genetic, metabolic and bacterial. Explore the hormonal component as a contributing factor in the genesis of acne. Learn the distinction between teen, young adult and adult acne and how to treat them effectively. Debunk myths on the etiology and composition of blackheads and understand the true science behind these frequently encountered comedones. Determine result-driven treatment techniques including identifying functional ingredients to alleviate symptoms, diminish pigmentation and prevent scarring to achieve optimal results.

Topic: A Physiological Approach to Peels

Room 105 B
Time- Monday, 2:00 pm
Educator: Michael Pugliese
Acids are widely used in professional skin care, but some confusion still exists regarding what acids are and exactly how they affect the physiology of the skin. This comprehensive seminar will address the relationship between pH and the strength of peeling acids. Understanding the concepts behind percentages, buffering and pK values will take your results to the next level. Dive into the benefits and drawbacks of Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, and Mandelic Acids and the physiological responses to their application. This class is a must for all professionals, from beginner estheticians to seasoned professionals; all attendees will receive a professional peel certificate.