Want to Prevail in Retail? Here’s How..

When It comes to selling retail some of us love it and some of us cringe, but we all know it is a necessary step to staying in business. As estheticians, we also know that home care goes hand in hand with treatments to achieve desired results. Below are tips to help you recommend skincare products more effectively and increase your overall retail sales.

Ask opened ended questions: When I first started in this industry, I made the common mistake of asking questions such as “Do you have any skincare concerns?” or “Are you happy with your current product line?” Sounds logical right? I quickly learned that asking these types of yes or no questions gained little information. Changing the format to “Tell me what concerns you would like to address” OR “What products should we focus on today?” opens a conversation to explore your customers concerns. Starting questions with words like “why”, “how” and “what” or phrases using “tell me” will give you the ability to meet the needs of your customer vs selling your customer products.

Bundles: Bundling with a discount is a very effective tool and Circadia makes it easy with their targeted regiment profiles. Everyone needs Circadia’s CleanserVitamin C and Sunscreen, by placing them as a Savings Bundle next to the individual products creates an easy grab and go sale.

Loyalty program: Rewarding your guests while encouraging sales is a double win. Having different tiers opens it up to all budgets. Here are a few examples to try.

  • X amount of dollars spent earns a complementary add on service to your next facial (Brow wax, lip treatment etc)
  • XX amount of dollars spent earns a hand or foot treatment addition to your next facial.
  • XXX amount of dollars spent earns a GWP valued up to X amount OR a percentage off their next treatment.  
  • During Holiday season, try adding a special fourth tier to encourage customers to purchase gifts.

Client Concerns: On your intake sheet have your clients list ALL of their skincare concerns from most to least. We tend to ask about the main concern which can be limiting. Asking for more than one concern gives you the ability to address them in order either in your treatment room or with retail.

Samples: Do not give your samples away for free, use them to create a partnership. For instance, if you recommended 3 products and your client can only pick up 2, give the third as a sample. It shows how much you believe in the third product and they typically come back for the full size once the sample is gone. 

Specials: Take advantage of Circadia specials, they typically have a free product included. These free products can be used as a GWP, help you create a bundle with a larger percentage off OR a prize on a social media promotion. Do not let these deals slip by!

For more ideas on how to capitalize on retail sales be sure to watch “5 Steps to Boost Retail Sales”

Retail sales is really about finding your customers needs and meeting them. Once you set your mindset to this thought, selling products not only becomes fun but also rewarding!