Rosacea Serum


A clear serum of powerful botanicals that help to eliminate common causes of Rosacea and reduce inflammation.

Skin Type Indications:

Inflammatory and erythemic skin


Helps to kill the Demodex mite, a common facial mite believed to be one of the main causes of Rosacea. Reduces inflammation.

Feature Ingredients and their Known Benefits:

Rosemary (Rosmarinus chinensis)
Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory.

Cinnamon Oil
Demodex Folliculorum (skin mite) repellent

Professional Use:

Dampen a cotton swab with the Rosacea Serum, and apply to affected areas. This serum is very effective when applied after the Oxygen treatment.

Home Use:

Clients should use the Rose-Ease Relief Cream at home. Apply to skin morning and night or as client can tolerate without seeing signs of dryness. Do not begin to use until the day after the Rosacea Rx Treatment.